Faith and Entrepreneurship: Bible Verses for Business

Going into business is one of the bigs when it comes to life decisions.  Especially for people who were born in a family with no entrepreneurial background. It’s a decision to go beyond what is expected, along with a novel intention of making a living. The life of an entrepreneur is full of trials, uncertainties, and failures are almost inevitable. That’s why to have faith in Lord is, shall I say, “non-negotiable” for the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Though the business world has a bad rep for being infested with selfish, self-centered, unscrupulous, downright mean businessmen, I’m sure there is an abundance of faith fueled people out there.

Back to the topic.


Any business is essentially a service. Businesses are put up to answer a need of the consumer. This verse is highly recommended as a mantra for every Christian entrepreneur:

collosians 3:23

Providing the best service or product will go beyond their monetary value. Word-of-mouth about quality will resonate in the business’ respective industry. Especially now that we have the internet and social media; a random consumer testimony can catapult a start-up to success or wipe it out off existence.


Doing business is taking risks. Calculated risks. But nevertheless, risks. The life of an entrepreneur is full of uncertainty. But instead of putting your faith in the roll of the dice, put your trust in the lord.

1st Peter 5:6-7

What businessmen need desperately is peace of mind and the spirit. If you’re wise about overhead, you won’t opt for an expensive psychiatric help. Fortunately, our Lord in heaven provides that graciously. It won’t cost us anything at all. We just need to have faith in Him.


Many will argue, fervently, that money is the heart of all business. Of course, it is important. But we should be vigilant about letting the concept of luxuries pollute our spirit. Businesses are essentially relationships, and as with relationships, God should be in the center. Only God can provide harmony and keep chaos at bay.

mathew 6:33

To end this blog post, here are some words I’ve originally written for another entry (The Manifesto of Faith)

If a man is fueled by faith, he is bound for success. He is perpetually more driven than the faithless. Faith lets the imagination unbound. This allows man to reach remarkable levels of creativity and productivity.  By the grace of God, he will claim victories, yet he will remain humble, he will keep his feet on the ground; and for that he will remain unshaken by trials. His every success will be a testimony to the glory of our Lord, Jesus.

How about you? How does faith make your business better?

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